Vita Nuova

vita-nuova-exhibitionDecorative responses in illustration and jewellery to Dante Alighieri’s Vita Nuova: the book of the new life, the book of Beatrice, the book of youth, the book of love, the book of memory.

Most people are familiar with Dante’s great work, the Divine Comedy, in which Beatrice also features. Many great artists have made illustrations for it – Botticelli, Blake, and Dali, for example. But Vita Nuova has been somewhat neglected in terms of visual responses. William Morris and Charles Ricketts both espoused the “book beautiful” and asserted that great literature should be decorated, and thus given a beautiful and permanent form. This exhibition represents our attempt to decorate and commemorate Dante’s Vita Nuova.

Held at Red Poles, McMurtie Road, McLaren Vale, SA 5171 on 3 October – 22 November 2009.

View a selection of Maureen’s exhibited work below:


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